Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK For Android (Unlimited Weapons & Money)

Shadow Fight 2 game is said to be one of the best games where millions of people are used to play across the globe. Generally, when it comes to playing this game, people may demand exciting features to experience it. If you are the one who is looking forward to playing, then without going for a second thought, you can download and install on your device from PlayStore. However, there is a chance to witness the restrictions in terms of experiencing the features.

When you are really interested in finding new features to experience, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, it is mainly coming up with the support of the best features. Also, you don’t need to spend a single penny on it. Well, it is absolutely free for the users to download and install on an android device. If you want to get more coins and gems, then it is always possible with the support of this Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk. All you need to find it by visiting the trusted sources in order to download it.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk For Android & PC 2020

One should keep it in mind that this Mod Apk is not available in the Google PlayStore to download. Basically, it is a third party file where you can find it only in the trusted sources available across the internet. Nowadays, when it comes to installation, it can download it on the android device. On the other side, when it comes to playing the games, most of the people would play with a wider screen experience.

For information, you need to know that this game cannot be installed on the PC. However, by following an important way, you can download and install it on PC.

Why an Android emulator?

Before going to download and install this game on PC, there are certain things that you need to follow. So, people who want to download this game on their PC for wider screen experience, and then it is essential for them to find the android emulator and download it. When it comes to the android emulator, then there are several emulators available across the internet to download and make use of it. If you are looking for a better emulator, then you can go ahead with BlueStacks that whenever you want.

Apart from BlueStacks, you can even search for Nox App Player, Memu and more. So, people who all are struggling to run the android apps or games on their PC, and then they must install an emulator. Yes, with the support of the installation process of an emulator, you can easily run this game on your PC without any issues. So, whenever you are looking forward to downloading and install an emulator, without going for a second thought, go ahead with the best emulator like BlueStacks.


How to download and install Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk for PC?

If you are looking forward to downloading and install Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk on PC, make sure to follow all the steps which are involved in it. When it comes to installing Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk on your PC, it is necessary for you to install an emulator like BlueStacks. Here we are going to follow the steps. All you need to do is follow all the steps without skipping it.

  • First of all, download the shadow fight 2 mod apk from for Android (with everything unlimited, weapons, money & others)
  • Then you need to search for an emulator like BlueStacks. Keep it in mind that you need to download the latest version.
  • If the latest version file is available to download, then without wasting your time, tap to download and wait for few minutes until the downloading process is over.
  • All you need to do is to check whether your PC has enough memory or not. Based on that, you can proceed further to download and wait for some time as it takes more time due to a big size file.
  • Once the downloading process is over, search through downloads folder and tap to install.
  • If the downloaded BlueStacks file is found, then tap to install and wait for some more time.
  • After the successful installation process, click to open and enter for searching the game file Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk without fail.
  • If it is available, then tap to download and wait for few seconds.
  • Once the installation is over, then you are ready to play Shadow Fight 2 game on your PC in order to experience the wider screen view.

Recommended: Openload pair Error Fix

Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping it. If each and every step is managed to follow properly, then do not worry about the installation process on your PC. Yes, at the end of the day, this is what most of people would like to experience it.

Openload Pair Error Fix On Kodi Devices 2020

We say, technology or the machines have no error. But did you know, there can be errors and technical malfunctioning in the applications and the software that we use? Yes, that’s the fact, so there is always a question that keeps scratching your mind. How to fix the app error? Or probably your apps are crashing a lot.

Of course, you might have heard about Kodi, one of the popular which is actually used by many of the entertainment lovers around the globe. So, what exactly is Kodi? What does it do?

How to Fix Openload Pair Error On Kodi?

What is Kodi?

Well, to let you know Kodi is a media player that lets and allows you to watch many of the movies, shows and TV dramas in just a single click. You don’t have to actually pay for all your favorite movies that you watch in the Kodi media player, it’s quite free of charge. Also check out our recent post on Vodafone customer care numbers.

When we generally use the Kodi app, you can sometimes have errors and issues with the functioning of the app. whenever you are using the Kodi app, one such problem that you might have is the server error. In the Kodi app, whenever you want to add the movie add-ons or probably when you want to choose the server, you might see Openload pair server, so what is that?

Openload Pair Error?

So, what is this Openload Pair error? Well, it is the error that will trouble you when you are watching the movies or the dramas. Openload Pair is a server, which is already mentioned. This may actually crash at times when you are actually watching a movie. So, how do you stop it? Is there any way how we can stop the Openload pair error?

This Openload server will ultimately cause you to have issues and errors with the movies that you are actually streaming online. Of course, who loves to get disturbed in the movie times? This open load error actually does stop all the movies and the shows that you are watching leaving you pretty annoyed. This error interferes with all the contents mentioned in the Kodi app. So, how can we actually fix this particular server error? You may think that there is no other way that will help you to fix this error. Click here to see idope proxy sites 2020.

No, you are mistaken. You have got plenty of ways to fix this particular Kodi error that occurs at the time when you are actually watching a movie or probably streaming with other entertainment and the media contents in the Kodi app itself.

How to fix Openload Pair Error?

Well, it’s pretty simple, that whenever there is heavy demand for movies at the particular time, it may get crash. Just like the browsers and some government websites crash or just go down, when there are some important announcements just like results or information. When there’s a heavy demand or the heavy load in the server, for the website or the link it may sometimes crash.

So, one of the simplest solutions to this error is to shut down the app or the content for time being and then start viewing the content after sometime. This method can actually help, or if not, if you want some quick and instant solution, you can try the below mentioned ones and you will surely be able to get a lot of benefits from it.

  • Whenever you see some errors in the app, regarding the servers, especially with the Openload servers.
  • The Openload server might probably tell you for the Openload authorization. Yes, this is the popular error that people actually come across.
  • To solve this, you first need to know your IP Address, for safe You can either solve it by pairing the IP address with your Kodi.
  • Or you can just go to Exodus, go to settings in tools, and just disallow Hosters with captcha.


Yes, there are many such solutions, for Kodi, for Exodus etc. You can also solve all the Openload pair errors with the help of these solutions. Though, there are more solutions that you can simply make use of to solve all the errors with the Openload error. Of course, make sure that you are following the methods quite properly.


Vodafone Idea Customer Care Numbers 2020 (Pan India)

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications conglomerate which has its headquarters in London. The company operates predominantly in the regions of Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa. From all the mobile operators the Vodafone comes in the fourth place. It has a lot of mobile customers.  It operates in twenty five countries and contains partnering networks in forty seven countries. The name comes from the words ‘voice data fone’. This is chosen by the company because it explains its reflection of the provision of voice data services over the mobile phones. Also check out the list of android emulators for PC from this link, to play android apps & games on your desktop.

The beginning of the empire Vodafone was in 1982 with the start of the Rascal strategic radio ltd subsidiary of rascal electronics. It is the largest creator of military radio technology which formed a joint venture with Milicom called as ‘Rascal’. This has evolved in to the present day Vodafone.

Vodafone Idea India Customer Care Numbers 2020 (24/7)

In India the company Vodafone announced the acquisition of a 10 per cent stake in India’s Bharti enterprises. This company operates the largest mobile phone network in India named as Airtel. The name hutch was rebranded as Vodafone in India. On March 2017 Vodafone announced its plans to merge with idea, India’s third largest network to create a largest operator. This deal has contributed to the growth of mobile phone network in India.

Vodafone India is Indian branch of the UK based Vodafone. Its operation base is in Mumbai. The cellular device service max touch was launched in the year where the license to operate in Mumbai was permitted to the company. The company grew its business in the wireless markets at India at large in the initial stages. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata it was able to provide robust networks. You can also check out the idope proxy & mirror sites to unlock the torrent website without any VPN.

You can contact the company if you want to access them regarding any of the issues. There are several customer care call facilities available for your state. Alternatively, you can check this official link for all the customer care details.

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Assam Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Bihar and Jharkhand Vodafone Customer Care number.

Chennai Vodafone Customer Care number.

Delhi/NCR Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Gujarat Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Haryana Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Himachal Pradesh Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Jammu and Kashmir Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Karnataka Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

  • Vodafone Customer Care on +91 9886098860 (chargeable as per tariff of calling number) from any phone
  • [email protected]

Kerala Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Kolkata Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

  • Vodafone Customer Care on +91 9830098300 (chargeable as per tariff of calling number) from any phone
  • [email protected]

Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Maharashtra and Goa (except Mumbai) Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Odisha Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Punjab Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Rajasthan Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

Tamil Nadu Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

UP EAST WEST Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

  • Vodafone UP EAST Customer Care on +91 9839098390 (chargeable as per tariff of calling number) from any phone
  • Vodafone UP WEST Customer Care on +91 9719097190 from any phone
  • (UP EAST)[email protected], (UP WEST) [email protected]

West Bengal Region Vodafone Customer Care number.

iDope Proxy & Mirror Sites 2020 (Fastest)

It is a search engine for torrents to show gratitude for KAT (KickAss Torrents) and popularly known as iDope. It is a powerful search engine torrent used for searching any sort of torrents to watch TV, Books, Anime, Applications, Software, Music, and Movies from overall torrent sites.

iDope is mainly inspired by Google because of its User Interface and its search results. Moreover, the results are very much instant and pretty accurate. The major problem is iDope were blocked by ISP (Internet Service Providers) in many countries on their own network. You can refer the below list of iDope’s main website which is hosted on different servers and domains. In case, if you are not able to access the main website then please use the below-listed proxy sites to search or browse for torrents. You can check out some of the android emulators for PC here.

iDope Proxy & Mirror Sites List 2020 (Fastest & Working)

Website URL Type Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror
Zalmos Proxy Mirror
Glype Proxy US / UK Glype Proxy
Google Translate Proxy Exclusive (Translator Proxy)
Yandex Translate Proxy Exclusive (Translator Proxy)
Appspot Proxy Proxy Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast
ZalmosProxy Online & Very Fast
US Proxy Online & Very Fast Online & Very Fast

To access the restricted or blocked content then the first step is to access via Proxies or Proxy sites. Firewalls are much smarter to detect and block the proxy servers. If so, then you need to plan for the next stage to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to overcome this issue.

The usage of Virtual Private Network (VPN) is route and encrypt our traffic through their dedicated own servers. Even the Firewall does not detect or block any connections from VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has the ability to change the current IP address of your computer and provide a new IP address from the connected VPN server. For Example, if you are in India and connected to a VPN server in the US then your computer will show the US IP address instead of your current IP address. This enables you to access the content which is available outside of your current location.

Another advantage of using a VPN service is that it will prevent you from others watching what you are doing online and encrypts your online traffic. Also, it is not possible to trace you since the IP address was changed.

Please follow the below steps to enable Virtual Private Network (VPN) via Chrome browser (For Linux / MAC / PC):

Breakwall VPN – Breakwall VPN is perhaps the fastest of all VPNs but it’s not completely free, it offers a Free Trial though, hence it just makes to this list, as this is one such service whose trial service is too good to be missed. You can create a trial account with Breakwall and add the password that you received in your mailbox to the extension, and click on Connect. That’s it.

The service and the speed provided by Breakwall are really awesome except for the trial. It also has BBC (iPlayer Mode) to access (commonly blocked in many countries.)

Cyberghost VPN-Proxy – Cyberghost is the leading name when it comes to VPN service providers, especially Free VPN Service Providers. They launched a VPN (cum Proxy) Extension for Chrome users. However, many users reported that the extension is very slow when compared with other VPN’s. But it’s a trustworthy name in the industry of VPN to get your job done.

Hola Engine – It is one of the famous proxy or unblocking extension for Chrome users and also updated with Virtual Private Network service. It has moderate speed and very easy to use. But you need to install both Hola Extension and App to use it on Chrome browser.

First, you need to install the Hola Extension. Then access the blocked website and click on the icon (Hola Extension which is available at the top right-hand side of the browser). Please select your preferred country (the appropriate server connected to the country will provide access for you) and enjoy accessing the websites.

The few other Chrome Extensions are Zenmate, BrowSec, Gom Web Virtual Private Network, and Dot VPN. You can also make use of the above-mentioned extensions in Chrome browser to access the blocked websites.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to access iDope Torrent website via Mirror or Proxy sites and as well as via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC 2020

Do you want to run your Android smartphone on your Windows PC? Well, you can now do that with varieties of feature-rich, robust and best windows emulators available today. These emulators debug all Android apps on your desktop, play all Android games on your PC, and can let you run your favorite Android apps on the big screen of your desktop.

Since these emulators are highly beneficial, so check here some of the best windows emulators that you cannot afford to miss!

Best Android Emulators For Windows 2020

  1. MEmu

Based on Android Lollipop, it is a high-performing emulator that comes with pre-installed Android Jellybean 4.2. With affordable payment packages, you can upgrade it to Lollipop.

This emulator is compatible with Nvidia, Intel-powered Windows PCs as well as AMD chipsets. Keyword mapping, pre-loaded with the Google Play store, operation record tool and the ability to associate itself with APK files on Windows makes it an excellent choice.

  1. Remix OS Player

This emulator system hosts a powerful operating system based on Android x86. It is available for free of cost for windows-based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. To use Remix OS Player your BIOS must be enabled for ‘virtualization technology.’

In addition to supporting Google Play Store, it lets you map keyboard buttons as well as manage innumerable games simultaneously on a single screen. Perhaps, it is the only emulator running Marshmallow and one with solid functionality.

  1. BlueStacks

This emulator is based on Android 4.4 Kitkat and has been an early pioneer in the industry. It is highly capable emulator.